The garden of Akatea (white flowers)

You can't hide from the music and the manga

19 September
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名前: アリス (name: Alice)
性別: 女 (Gender: Female)
イーマイルアドレス: solitarius_arcessitor@hotmail.com と shinigami_izumichan@hotmail.com
誕生日: 19日9月1988年
年歯: 16
学年: Year 11 が高校2年です

LOOK I LOVE JAPANESE COMICS! My art comes from their styles...one thing always confuses me is that the people they draw are foreign looking people....strange, guess what makes them unique ne?

MANGAKA'S I LOVE THE MOST!: Yuki Kaori, Yuki Shimizu, Yuki Yoshihara, Kazuhiko Mishima, Kazuya Minekura, Shinjo Mayu and CLAMP......yeah call me a pervert but the smutty stuff is awesome! and the Yaoi...

Fave Bands & Jrock: YOUR FAVORITE ENEMIES of course! HIM, Mindless Self Indulgence, Hilltop Hoods, Korn, The Birthday Massacre, Criss Rock, Steve Conte from New York Dolls, Go Periscope, Oliva Lufkin, Utada Hikaru, ORANGE RANGE, Nightmare (Naitomea) and Abingdon Boys School.

I'm lzy to write the sites I translated Japanese manga comics in the past so go look me up on google or something...i'm sure i've made it there in the last 4 years. Look up 'Alice Caiello'...or just check www.freewebs.com/alicecaiello